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            1. Accele-tech’s research and development center has a professional laboratory with more than 600 m2 of area. We cooperate with Shanghai Institute of Technology to form an innovative platform for High-difficulty Environmental Treatment Engineering and Technology Center. The innovative group consists of two professors, three associate professors, five doctors, and many more professional researchers.

              We have more than ten years of research experience in fields of industrial wastewater treatment and cleaner production technology. We received innovation fund and project approval from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission International Cooperation Fund back in 2011 (Research about advanced wastewater treatment technology, Project approval number: 11230705000). So far, we have acquired nine patent licenses, and multiple accomplishments in technical fields related to composite advanced wastewater treatment with high difficulty and high salinity, and dedicated bacteria strain for river restoration.

              Additionally, our company has established long-term international cooperation with Israel Institute of Technology and Université Savoie Mont Blanc in France.

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              1005, Lane 912, Gonghe New Road, Shanghai